What is the Best Way For Women to Reach Orgasm?

What Do Women Need to Reach Orgasm?

In a survey of 303 women, almost two-thirds said vaginal intercourse was the key to their orgasm.

Hand stimulation and oral sex were also popular methods.

What else did the women say?

The Vaginal Orgasm.

Vaginal orgasm is often misconstrued as the “best” way for women to orgasm (read: the easiest for penises), but it’s often the most difficult for ladies. Instead of a penis, try fingers or a sex toy. Insert the fingers or toy into the vagina and make a “come hither” motion toward the belly button.

There’s a point of pleasure on this wall called the G-spot and when you hit it with regular, strong pressure, it can lead to orgasm. Stimulation of the G-spot is also the way to lead to female ejaculation, as it stimulates the Skene’s glands on either side of the urethra.


What do American women have to say about their orgasm experiences? Researchers asked and reported the answers in a recent Journal of Sexual Medicine study.

They surveyed 303 women between the ages of 18 and 75, asking 100 questions on their sexual function, sexual behaviors, and relationships with their partners.


Here are some of the highlights:

Two hundred thirty women said they had had a steady male partner during the previous six months. Of these, 41% met the criteria for a sexual dysfunction diagnosis. But having sexual problems didn’t necessarily reflect poorly on their sex life. Only 21% said they were dissatisfied.
In the entire group, 79% said they liked sex.
The women had intercourse an average of 8 times each month, but said people should have sex an average of 12 times a month.
About 36% said they’d prefer having intercourse more often. Seven percent wanted it less frequently.
Almost three-quarters of the sexually active women reached orgasm at least sometimes. About 14% said they never did, and 16% said orgasm was rare.
What were the most effective orgasm triggers? For 62% of the women, the answer was intercourse. Almost half preferred stimulation with her partner’s hand; the same percentage preferred oral stimulation. Masturbation (37%), vibrators (29%), and anal intercourse (7%) rounded out the list.

How long did it take to reach orgasm? Answers depended on the type of stimulation. The average time during external stimulation was about 10 minutes; intercourse took an average of 15 minutes.

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