Femestril Customer Testimonials

We constantly receive new testimonials from women anxious to tell us about the success they’ve enjoyed using Femestril. They simply can’t believe how quickly the Femestril formula worked to help increase their sex drive and restore their sexual desire and arousal.


Read these Femestril testimonials to see how Femestril has helped these women once again enjoy amazing, satisfying sex – because Femestril can do the same for you!


See what are other women are saying about Femestril…


The results are really quite amazing!!

Eight months ago I was at the end of my rope. My sex drive had completely vanished, and it caused a lot of friction in our relationship. My husband was growing resentful and I was too. I ‘wanted’ to want sex….but the truth was I just didn’t feel that interested. Using a natural product was really important to me – I didn’t want to experience any side effects or things like that. I’ve tried lubricants and creams but nothing really made that big of a difference. I tried Femestril and the results were noticeable in the first few weeks. Eight months later and the results are really quite amazing!! I have more desire, the passion is back – and I’m finally ENJOYING sex again. Thanks Femestril!

Deshawna Pearson – New York, NY


Femestril gave me my sex life back…

I had been on anti-depressants for quite awhile and they were literally destroying my sex life! Luckily a co-worker told me about Femestril and thank goodness she did – Femestril gave me my sex life back! Within a month there were noticeable changes. I had more energy and felt less stressed. My sex drive slowly started to return and by the end of the second month I knew I definitely wanted to keep going. The sex has been quite memorable and I feel much more sensation now. I’m glad I found Femestril when I did!

Emily Arnett – Ingleside TX


I’m actually craving sex again…

I’ve always been embarrassed about my low libido but couldn’t find any products to help with it. The creams and lubes I tried didn’t really offer much help. Finally my doctor told me about Femestril and said it had worked for many women. I ordered a 4-month supply and saw results in about 3 weeks or so. I actually have my sex drive back, and I’m finally enjoying sex again, just like I did when my husband and I were just starting out together. I will definitely recommend Femestril to my friends.

Cindy Fairbridge – North Ringwood, Australia


My sex drive is back – and MORE…

Our sex life slowly went downhill until it really didn’t exist anymore. After a long talk my husband and I both decided to make some changes. One of mine was to try a female enhancement supplement and see if that helped bring back some of the spark. It definitely helped reduce my stress and anxiety, and many of the sexy feelings I used to have for my husband came back. My husband has quit smoking and is exercising and we’re both living a much healthier lifestyle. My sex drive is certainly back – and MORE!  I can’t thank Femestril enough, and I will always recommend it to my girlfriends.

Emily Steveston, 43 – St. Petersburg FL


My boyfriend bought me Femestril just for fun…

I had bought my boyfriend a male enhancement product for his last birthday, really just as a joke. But it actually worked great for him and then he bought me Femestril just for fun. He thought he was being funny, but the fact is that it really made me enjoy sex even more! My sex drive was pretty good before, but now it seems I want to do it all the time! I joked to my boyfriend that he better buy some more of his pills so he can keep up with me!

Karen S. – Easton, PA


I’m already glad I ordered…

I just wanted to let you know that I tried Femestril earlier this week and I’m already glad I ordered. My energy level is already higher than before and I just feel better overall. We’ve only had sex once since I started the Femestril but it was better than usual and I’m excited to see what happens down the road. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

Samantha Warriner – Toronto, Canada


It was the hottest sex we’ve ever had…

Femestril is amazing! It’s been over four years since I had an orgasm, and last night I had a mind-blowing orgasm after using Femestril for just under a month! My boyfriend said it was the hottest sex we’ve ever had, and we can hardly wait to get back under the sheets! He said the next order of Femestril is on him – lol!

Roberta DeSilva – Chicago, IL


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Femestril restores your sexual desire and arousal.

Femestril uses a specially designed formula targeted to help decrease stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, and help women heighten their libido, and sexual desire. With low female sex drive affecting millions of women around the globe, a treatment like Femestril was long overdue to help women once again enjoy sexual pleasure, arousal – and satisfaction.


As any woman suffering from low libido can tell you – this problem can stop you from having a sex life –  and seriously harm your relationship. Low sex drive can lead to feelings of resentment and unhappiness in your partner, and feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness for the women who live with this problem.


That’s why the research team at Pro Edge Labs worked for years to develop an effective treatment to naturally increase female libido and restore their sexual passion and arousal – making sex pleasurable – and desirable – once again.


I’ve noticed much less anxiety and stress…

I am 52 and Femestril has certainly improved my sex drive and more importantly, it’s been a godsend for relieving my menopausal symptoms. My mood is better and I’ve noticed much less anxiety and stress. My hot flashes are gone and I’m finally getting sleep at night! Our sex life has definitely improved since Femestril, and I don’t think I could have gotten through these symptoms without it. Thank you for your product!

Catherine R. – Miami Spring, FL


I definitely give Femestril 5 stars…

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My sex life before was OK – but one of the ladies from my yoga class told me about Femestril and I figured I had nothing to lose. That was four months ago and my sex life has been improving ever since! I actually initiate sex now and have started experiencing orgasms like when I was a teenager! My climaxes with Femestril are much more intense and happen much easier. I definitely give Femestril 5-stars!

Marion, 35 – Dupont, NJ


I actually WANT to have sex again…

After 12 years of marriage my sex life was really suffering. My husband wasn’t happy about it and either was I, but I just didn’t seem to have the energy or desire anymore. A  good  friend told me about Femestril and I figured I had nothing to lose. After 2-3 weeks I started noticing a difference and the biggest surprise was that I found myself actually wanting to have sex again! The desire is back and the sex is much more pleasurable than I found it before, which is certainly helping. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised to see it work that quickly. I started noticing a difference after 2 weeks and it really took off from there. Needless to say, my husband is thrilled – and so am I!

Shannon J. – Albany NY


My husband and I are having the best sex in years…

As I’ve gotten older, it’s become obvious that my sex drive was lacking and was not getting any better. I knew the problem wasn’t going to go away, so when a friend of mine who had gone through the same issues told me about Femestril – I ordered it right away. Within a few months of starting Femestril, my husband and I are having the best sex in years and I have no problem wanting sex 2 or 3 times a week – often more. I’m thankful a product like Femestril exists for women like me.

Ava Bennett- Chandler, AZ


I’ve been making up for lost time…

After years of suffering with low libido – I finally found my answer and it was Femestril! The desire is back, I’m enjoying sex more than ever, and it’s definitely strengthened the connection between my husband and I. We now look forward to our ‘sexy time’ – and we’re both much happier having a fulfilling sex life. I’m thrilled to have the intimacy back and I’ve been making up for lost time. You’ve got a loyal customer in me – thank you.

Brianda L. – Louisville, KY


I was always too tired to care about sex…

Our intimacy was really suffering due to my recent decreased interest in sex. I was always too tired or too stressed to care about sex, and it was becoming a major hurdle in our relationship. Femestril has helped immensely as I just generally feel more calm and relaxed. This has allowed me the freedom to explore new things sexually and I’m experiencing pleasure and satisfaction that wasn’t there before. Femestril has definitely awakened something that I wasn’t feeling before – thank god for that!

Jennifer 28 – London, GB


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Femestril rated number one female enhancement product


“Femestril delivers amazing results for women seeking to find their lost libido – and feedback from women is overwhelmingly positive. The ingredients in Femestril are very high quality and include several potent natural aphrodisiacs and herbs known to improve female sex drive, and balance hormonal production. As well as having a profound effect on women’s sexuality, Femestril also contains several vital nutrients and minerals essential for good female health. We have no problem recommending Femestril as one of the best possible treatments for low female  libido.  Our readers rate this product very highly.” WomenReviewed.com

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“Whether you suffer from low female libido – or simply want to spice things up in the bedroom, then you’ll be very happy to know that Femestril – a safe herbal treatment for low female libido – is now available. Femestril is a revolutionary new formula specifically designed to tackle the most common female sexual problems – decreased desire, low libido, lack of sexual satisfaction, and orgasm problems. While some of our readers report some weight loss while using Femestril, this is a bonus and should not be expected. Femestril is designed as a female sexual enhancer – and that is where this product shines. This product definitely gets five stars!” hssdonline.com

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“Feedback from our readers about Femestril has been nothing short of outstanding. In case you haven’t heard of it, Femestril is a breakthrough new product developed for the treatment of low libido in women. Simply take 1 Femestril capsule daily and within the first few weeks you’ll notice immediate changes. Femestril will help women get their sexual groove back, while also improving several important aspects of female well-being, including circulatory and cardiovascular health.” ViagraWoman

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