Vulvodynia Treatment and Cure

Vulvodynia Treatment and Cure


Accupuncture – A new treatment for women with Vulvodynia?

vulvodynia pain in female genitals

Vulvodynia refers to chronic pain in a woman’s external genitals, an area called the vulva. The pain is usually described as burning or aching. It can be constant or occur only when the area is touched. Vulvodynia can make sex difficult. Some women with Vulvodynia are unable to have sex at all.

Until recently the treatments for Vulvodynia have been limited to the avoidance of vulvar irritants, diet, use of oral and topical medicines, vulvar injections, and surgery.

Many believe that holistic treatment for Vulvodynia can be the most effective way to deal with the pain that disrupts a woman’s life and causes great emotional distress.

New studies show that Acupuncture could be a possible treatment for women with Vulvodynia, according to a recent report in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Treatment for vulvodynia may include medication, physical therapy, or nerve blocks. Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine practice that uses carefully-placed needles to restore the balance of energy in the body, has also been explored.

Past studies on acupuncture and vulvodynia have had encouraging results, but the placement of the acupuncture needles was different for each one. In this study, American and Chinese researchers wanted to know whether a standardized method would be feasible. This “acupuncture prescription point” calls for placing the needles in the same areas in each patient.


The benefits of Acupuncture for women with Vulvodynia.

Thirty-six women with Vulvodynia participated in the study. Their average age was 35 years. Half of them were treated with acupuncture twice a week for five weeks. Needles were placed in various parts of the body, including the lower abdomen, ankles, and feet.

The other half were put on a waiting list for treatment. They received treatment once the first group finished, but had no treatment during the actual study period.
finding treatment for vulvodynia
At the start of the study, the women completed questionnaires designed to assess their pain and their sexual function.

Five weeks later, they filled out the questionnaires again so that the researchers could compare the results. The preliminary results showed a noticeable improvement for one half of the women.

The women who had acupuncture reported greater reductions in pain. They also had better overall sexual function when compared to the women who had no treatment.

More studies on Vulvodynia and Acupuncture needed.

Acupuncture is part of an ancient system of healing which incorporates all aspects of the physical and non-physical bodies. It is part of a larger doctrine called Oriental Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine. The belief is there is a vital energy that surrounds all living things. We call this ‘qi’ or ‘prana’.
accupuncture treatment for vulvodynia
It seems that just about every ancient culture has a name for it. We all recognize it as being real and existing. Even allopathic, western medicine has a name for it: ‘vitality’. It is within this energy that the practitioner works his or her art. Constantly changing and creating harmony where there is disharmony, tonifiying what has been depleted and rectifying what has been in exuberance.


While these results sound promising, the researchers cautioned that more research should be done. While their study group was large enough to show that their prescription point was feasible, work with larger groups for longer amounts of time could give more information about the effectiveness of the treatment.


If you find sex to be painful – or have experienced burning or aching in the genital region, it is possible you may have Vulvodynia. The first step is to visit your doctor, who can help determine if this is the case. If you do suffer from Vulvodynia, there are treatment options that can eliminate the pain, and make sex not just feasible, but enjoyable once again.



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