Ladies – there is sex after 50!


Women can still have great sex after 50 – here’s how.

sex-after-50Many ladies worry that great sex for women isn’t possible after age 50. However, great sex after 50 is surprisingly easy. Follow these tips and sex after 50 will be fantastic in your 50’s, 60’s – and beyond!


Many factors can work against female libido and sexual arousal – and some of these can increase with age. What with menopause, hormonal changes, and several other factors that occur as we age, many women find they experience a dramatic decrease in female libido and arousal as they get older.


Women experience a significant drop in estrogen levels after age 50, and this is just one reason you may find your libido flagging as you enter what’s often referred to as “middle age”.  For women, sex starts in the brain, not the vagina. And the part of the brain responsible for sexual function and mood—the hypothalamus—is a hotbed of estrogen receptors. That means estrogen, along with testosterone, plays a key role in your initial desire. Declining estrogen levels play a major part in the decrease in female libido into the 50’s and beyond.


Estrogen loss also can lead to changes in the size and sensitivity of the vulva, vagina and clitoris, as well as reducing blood flow to these areas. Another key hormone – testosterone – is usually associated with male sex drive, however testosterone plays a big part in female sexuality as well. Testosterone contributes to blood flow and arousal of the clitoris and labia, which in turn impacts female arousal and orgasms.


These chemical factors are just part of the bigger picture of a number of things that contribute to female sex drive after 50. Stress, relationship issues, and overall health and fitness also play key roles in female sex drive, and problems in any one area can have a significant impact on your sexual arousal and libido.


Some problems – like relationship issues – may require outside intervention such as relationship counselling or therapy, however many of the nutritional or hormonal deficiencies can be addressed at home without significant cost or effort, through supplementation and lifestyle and/or behavioral changes.



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5 Reasons sex can be great for women over 50.

great sex after 50 is possible

1) Not worrying about getting pregnant. A huge worry for women throughout most of their lives is the concern about getting pregnant.

“Forty to fifty is still an anxiety point for many women because you can still get pregnant,” says Margaret E. Wierman, MD, a professor of medicine, physiology, and biophysics at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, in Denver. “Once you’re menopausal, that worry is gone.”

Think about it—no tampons, pads, pills, diaphragms, IUDs, or condoms (if you have a long-term monogamous partner). What could be better?

After age 50 most women should have no concerns about getting pregnant, which means one less stress concern, and an extra reason to fully relax and enjoy the act.


2) No interruptions. For many women, there is a major (and justified) concern about kids interrupting their lovemaking, and catching their parents “in the act.” A lack of privacy – and time -with kids in the house is often a major reason for a decrease in frequency of sex in couples who have children.

However, after 50, your kids aren’t likely to be interrupting any bedroom sessions or waking you up in the middle of the night. “Time is a major factor,” says Amanda Richards, MD, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

“Even menopausal women who are mothers are usually no longer the classic soccer mom,” she says. “Children are more independent, and the couple has more time for themselves and their relationship.” It can take awhile to get used to this new found ‘sexual freedom’ – but many couples find their sex lives experience an uptick once the kids have left the nest.


3) You know what you want. As busy mothers and wives – women often find themselves putting their individual needs (and sexual desires) on the back burner for a significant chunk of their lives – especially when they have young children. There’s some data to suggest that women become less inhibited as they age, so after age 50 is often a time of relaxation, being more comfortable with yourself and/or your body – and knowing what turns you on and pleases you sexually.

After age 50 is the perfect time to concentrate on “you” and make sure your sexual needs and desires are being met. Perhaps it’s the perfect time to try something new or experiment with sexual role-playing, acting out fantasies, or a sex toy you’ve always wanted to try. The 50’s is the perfect time for women to ‘step out’ sexually and fully immerse themselves in finding the sexual pleasure and satisfaction they truly deserve!


4) No more birth control. Many women can spend several years taking birth control pills, which can be a major suppressor of female libido and sexual arousal. One of the ironic truths regarding birth control pills is that one of the common side effects of this birth control method is that it often results in a marked decrease in the desire to actually have sex.

Many women find that after they stop taking birth control pills, their libido experiences a noticeable and dramatic improvement. After age 50 there is obviously little need to continue with these pills, which can have a very strong effect on many aspects of female health, and you may see a substantial increase in your libido simply by not taking ‘the pill’ anymore.


5) You might actually want sex MORE. Although most women associate getting older with a decrease in sexual desire – the opposite may in fact be true. Many of the “stress factors” which reduce female sexual desire – such as financial stresses, kids, work, etc.  – have receded by the menopause years, and some women find a boost in their sexual desire as a result.

Also, many women are more comfortable with their body as they get older and are less influenced by media, cultural factors, and other outside influences. This increased level of self assurance and acceptance often translates into a better body image and increased desire for sexual intimacy, pleasure, and satisfaction.


As you can see, there are many reasons to look forward to sex after 50 – and with a little effort and awareness, you could find yourself enjoying the best sex of your life! There are many reasons why your 50’s and 60’s could actually be the ‘peak’ of your sexual journey. There are many things you can try to make sure you have great sex after 50, and these include things like female sexual enhancement supplements, improved lubricants and gels, and sex toys or accessories.


How to Boost Female Sex Drive after 50.

increase female libido after menopauseThere are several ways to assure great sex after 50 and Femestril capsules are a great option to boost female libido both before and after menopause. The Femestril formula was specifically designed to supplement and re-balance your body’s own hormone and nutrient production, and help ensure maximum female sexual health.

There are also many lifestyle changes you can implement to make sure you enjoy a healthy female libido, and these include things like quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, regular exercise, and a healthy diet consisting of lots of fruit and vegetables.

While many women experience issues with low libido after 50,  this does not need to be the case, and if you are experiencing a decrease in libido or desire – it is almost certainly reversible. Proper diet and nutrition combined with a supplement like Femestril can ensure a healthy female libido for many, many years.

Here are 5 tips to boost your sex drive after 50 – and make sex more pleasurable and satisfying:

1) Increase Sexual Stimulation. In many cases, women who are not enjoying sex are not getting enough effective sexual stimulation. Many women do not realize that the female body requires both direct and indirect stimulation of the clitoris to reach orgasm. Consider switching sexual positions to produce more clitoral stimulation. Often times using a vibrator during sex can help trigger an orgasm. Consider doubling the amount of foreplay before intercourse to facilitate an orgasm – or increase the use of digital or oral stimulation. Fantasizing, role-playing, and mental imagery can also increase sexual response and lead to higher instances of achieving orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

2) Get to know your body. Understanding your own body, including where and how you like to be touched, can lead to better sexual satisfaction and enjoyment. Take some time to explore your own body. Self-stimulation or using a vibrator can help you discover what type of touch feels best to you, and then you can share that information with your partner. If you’re uncomfortable with doing this exploration, your partner will likely be very interested in doing it for you.

3) Couples counseling and/or Behavioral therapy. Conflicts and disagreements in your relationship can affect your sex drive and ability to get aroused. A counselor can help you work through disagreements and tensions and get your sex life back on track. Another option is cognitive behavioral therapy, which attempts to change the negative thoughts or associations you might have regarding sex. You might be given specific exercises to try at home to first learn methods to achieve orgasm on your own – which you can then pass on to your partner.

Sex therapists are therapists who specialize in treating sexual problems or issues. Although you might be embarrassed or nervous about seeing a sex therapist, they can be very helpful in treating low female libido. Therapy often includes sex education, help with communication skills, and behavioral exercises that you and your partner try at home.

4) Medical treatments. One important factor in treating low sex drive is to first treat any underlying medical conditions. If a medical condition is interfering with your libido or ability to achieve orgasm – then treating the underlying medical condition will often solve the problem. Also, estrogen therapy and testosterone therapy can be options for women with anorgasmia (inability to orgasm), although it may depend on whether you are ‘pre’ or postmenopausal. You will need to consult your doctor before considering estrogen or testosterone therapy as options for treating anorgasmia.

5) Herbal supplements. Often times the lack of ability to reach orgasm can be caused by hormonal deficiencies or imbalances which can be addressed and corrected with natural herbal therapies or supplements. These herbal remedies are usually very safe and can be quite effective. One of the benefits with this treatment option is the lack of side effects and because they are not drugs, you can purchase them without a prescription. There are several natural herbs which are known to improve female sexual response and improve pleasure – which can help women achieve orgasm more frequently.


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Femestril – Your key to great sex after 50.

Femestril was specifically formulated to be the ultimate female libido booster for women of any age. Although the ingredients in Femestril make it the perfect natural aphrodisiac for women, they also work to improve several areas of reproductive and general health. We encourage you to read other women’s stories, and the benefits of Femestril that they have experienced – and you can, too!

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