Aphrodisiacs for Women

Aphrodisiacs for Women


Which aphrodisiacs for women work best?

is alcohol an aphrodisiac for womenMany women contact us inquiring about aphrodisiacs for women.  “Is there one aphrodisiac that works for all women?” – is a common question we hear repeatedly.

The fact is, there are several aphrodisiacs for women – and some work much better than others. Also -some are much safer than others. For many women – wine and or other alcoholic beverages can work as an aphrodisiac.


Unfortunately, alcohol can often lead to poor decision making and choices that can haunt women for a long time. While a possible aphrodisiac for some women, alcohol can also lead to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and many other undesirable and unforeseen situations.


For many women alcohol does not increase their sexual desire, and many women choose not drink alcohol, so clearly alcohol is not the best choice as an aphrodisiac for women. However many aphrodisiacs offer noticeable benefits without the risk or possible damage to health that can occur with alcohol. For thousands of years Chinese medicine has used a number of different herbs for their role as a female aphrodisiac. We have compiled a list of the best aphrodisiacs for women that are effective and most importantly, safe.



damiana is a female aphrodisiacOne popular herb for female libido is Damiana – used for centuries as an aphrodisiac for women due to its ability to improve blood flow and increase oxygen delivery to the genital area which improves female sexual stimulation. Historically, Damiana has been used to relieve anxiety, nervousness, and mild depression, especially if these symptoms have a sexual component. The herb is also used as a general tonic to improve wellness.


Damiana is well known in southwestern cultures as a sexual tonic and is recommended by many top herbalists. It stimulates the intestinal tract and brings oxygen to the genital area. It also increases energy levels which does a lot to restore libido and desire. In women, Damiana can often restore the ability to achieve orgasm. Damiana is used primarily as an energy tonic and an aphrodisiac for both women and men.



fenugreek is a female aphrodisiacAnother excellent aphrodisiac to boost female libido is Fenugreek – a plant native to India and North Africa which is a unique herb rich in phyto-estrogens.

Fenugreek has been used for centuries in several cultures for its help in restoring female sex drive and enhancing sexual enjoyment. As a side benefit, Fenugreek is an excellent herbal remedy for reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

According to the results of a double-blind randomized placebo controlled study, daily supplements of an extract from Fenugreek work to enhance female libido. A standardized extract of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) – was associated with significant increases in measures of sexual arousal, sexual behavior, sexual drive, and orgasm. These findings were published in Phyotherapy Research. (View the study)


Dong Quai

dong quai is a female aphrodisiacAnother herb with uses as an aphrodisiac for women is Dong Quai Root – used for over 1000 years as a medicine in China, Korea, and Japan. Dong Quai Root is used to treat female reproductive problems, as well as painful menstruation, and is also used to improve blood flow.

Although there are only a few scientific studies on Dong Quai, it has been shown to help relieve cramps, irregular menstrual cycles, infrequent periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and menopausal symptoms.

Dong Quai is often named the “female ginseng” because of its many benefits for women, including enhancing female fertility. Dong Quai balances estrogen levels and because of this is known as the premier “gynecological regulator.” It has the ability to reduce your estrogen levels if they are too high – and can increase them if they are too low. In addition to working as a female aphrodisiac, Dong Quai works to cleanse and strengthen your circulatory system and improve digestion, making it a very effective herb in improving overall female health.


Is Addyi an Aphrodisiac for women?

This is somewhat of a “touchy” subject, because Addyi (Flibanserin) is intended to increase female sexual desire – which is essentially the definition of an aphrodisiac. However, there is  much debate about whether Addyi works at all – and many people believe that any small benefit the drug provides is overshadowed by the number and severity of side effects that can occur while using Addyi.

In case you don’t know what Addyi is – or haven’t heard of it, Addyi is a new drug – available by prescription only – which is intended to address low female sexual desire in pre-menopausal women suffering from HSDD. (hypoactive sexual desire disorder)

addy the little pink pillAddyi was formerly a drug intended as an anti-depressant – and eventually re-purposed as a possible treatment to restore female libido and increase a woman’s sex drive. It is quite expensive, and can be quite hard to obtain as it must be prescribed by a physician who has received approval to prescribe the drug – and must be filled in a pharmacy that has also been certified to sell Addyi.

There can be serious and potentially life threatening side effects from drinking alcohol while taking Addyi – and this is the main reason that the FDA attached so many conditions to the approval of Addyi for treatment of low female sex drive.

Studies indicate that for women who DO experience an increase in sexual desire using Addyi – on average the result is one additional “satisfying sexual episode” every 2 months – not a number that will impress to many people. While the drug has experience lack-luster sales in its first 6 months – the jury will remain out as to whether Addyi truly qualifies as an aphrodisiac for women. You can read more about Addyi in our little pink pill article.


Food Aphrodisiacs for women.

While there are not a lot of scientific studies on foods that serve as aphrodisiacs for women – there are certain foods which seem to improve both mood and sexual desire in women. One such food is watermelon – this juicy red fruit could be the new aphrodisiac of the fruit world to boost female libido and increase sexual desire in women.

While watermelon is 92 percent water, the remaining eight percent contains the phytonutrient citrulline, which converts to arginine, an amino acid that relaxes blood vessels, according to 2008 research from Texas A&M University’s department of horticultural sciences. Although not as organ-specific as drugs that treat men’s erectile dysfunction, watermelon may help improve blood flow to the female clitoral area (as well as the male penis), increasing arousal.

Massimo Marcone, an associate professor of food science at the University of Guelph, used to dismiss aphrodisiacs as mere folklore. In 2011, in fact, he conducted a thorough scientific review of more than 200 international studies on consumable aphrodisiacs, and rejected almost all as invalid. But Marcone was shocked to find that a few studies on one particular spice—saffron—held up to close scrutiny.

“Not only does saffron appear to have aphrodisiac properties for both men and women,” Marcone says, “but it helps with anxiety, insomnia, PMS and insulin resistance.”

The seductive spice, whose red-gold threads come from a type of crocus that is native to Mediterranean Europe and Southwest Asia, contains antioxidants including crocin, crocetin and safranal. These are believed to be responsible for increasing sexual desire and arousal, according to studies Marcone reviewed that measured blood flow to sexual organs and frequency of sexual encounters after consuming the spice.

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What is the best aphrodisiac for women?

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